Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Shiny New Ooh-Baby Packages!

Part of the reason we’re nearly bald from stress and overwork right now is that we have to plan for the next sixView full post »

Madeline & Joyce

After a whole lot of planning, unplanning, changes and edits, we FINALLY got the Senior Program up and running a fewView full post »

Ms. E is One! :: Play Date :: Raleigh Rose Garden

I met Ms. E and her mama at one of my favorite local parks; the Raleigh Rose Garden.  In said park is my favorite treeView full post »

A bunch of boys at Bennett Place

Several years ago, when I was just starting photography, I met Katie and Brian, parents to one baby boy with big blueView full post »

Topsail Road Trip: Max and Miles

Rebecca and I don’t get out much.  Our schedules are completely backward – when normal people are at work,View full post »