A bunch of boys at Bennett Place

Several years ago, when I was just starting photography, I met Katie and Brian, parents to one baby boy with big blue eyes.  Then my family moved houses, and I learned that the family of three lived right behind us – and later still, that family of three became a family of four.  Now I’m pleased to count these guys as friends.  Another family in our neighborhood has two boys, each the same ages as my girls, and believe me when I tell you that those boys are adorable.  Curly hair, big eyes… Yeah, I might have to draft them into prom date service in the future.

For families in Durham who want a little more rustic look, Bennett Place is truly a hidden gem.  A farm from the Civil War era, Bennett has weathered wood buildings, long rail fences, a stone gazebo, and lots of open green space.  Their visitors center/museum is great, but the fun part is outside… And just through the woods, beyond the nature trail, we found some train tracks.  I was happy to meet my neighborhood friends there for photos, and even happier with the results!

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