A Fairy Magical Birthday : Durham, NC Child Portrait Photographer

About four years and six months ago, I took photos for a family at Duke Gardens.  They had the most perfectly chubby-cheeked baby – I mean, the child looked like a Cabbage Patch Kid with her gummy, round face, and I wanted to put her in my bag and take her home.  Fast forward a bit, and you get the most photogenic little girl EVAH… who is now, unbelievably, five years old.  Her mother has become a friend of mine, and I’m hoping that her extreme creativity and craftiness will rub off a bit.  Miss Zoe’s birthday party was the perfect spring frolic for young fairies and gnomes alike – thanks to Mama’s artistic skills and party planning perfection, Zoe’s friends had a fairy fun afternoon!


All decorations and food – from Zoe’s birthday dress/matching doll dress, to the wings on each child, to the woodland fairy cake, to everything else you see at the party – were handmade by her mother, Bobbi.  You can find Bobbi online at http://www.etsy.com/shop/bianna, where you can check out her other amazing crafts and talk to her about ordering your own.  If I don’t get a pair of those wings in my size soon, somebody’s gonna hear about it.  🙂

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