Aidan and Elodie :: Play Date :: Wilson, NC

I had the honor of having another session with my dear friends Aidan and Elodie in Wilson, NC again as all of the grandparents were in town and we wanted to have a great photo session adding these ever important people.  Aidan was recovering from being sick but oh gollie geez, I couldn’t even tell.  Ms. Elodie took a brief nap on the piano (wouldn’t it be great if she ended up playing it some day) and then she was awake so I could photograph those beautiful brown eyes.  And I can’t forget the honorable mention to Mr. Gus; this time he hung around more than Jeffery for his Vogue shot.  We were only missing Daddy in this session but we will add him to the mix in their Christmas photo shoot in November.  Thanks again guys!  ~ Rebecca

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