Amanda’s Photo Safari : Duke Gardens – Durham, NC Photographer

It isn’t well known and it isn’t often booked – but I do offer classes that help people that want to learn to take better pictures with their intro level DSLR camera.  So many people own really nice DSLR cameras but they put them in auto which isn’t going to necessarily give you the image result you are hoping for.

I am posting this post stratigically immediately after Christmas – because chances are some of you out there got a really nice into level camera as a gift OR you bought one as a gift to yourself because you want to take better pictures.  It is no secret – you can’t have a photographer with you all the time shooting every moment and yes iPhones and Samsung phones actually take really good pictures but sometimes you just need a real camera.

Well, I teach classes on how to take better pictures with your DSLR that maybe you got for Christmas or maybe you got it for your birthday years ago or you inherited one.  Whatever the case, you need to learn what that camera is doing and reading so YOU can take better pictures; not the camera taking the picture.

The first hour is a instructional portion.  We talk about aperture, ISO, shutter speed – why I choose what I do and what you should look for when selecting your settings.  I also talk about framing the shot and setting the shot for the best optimal result.  Really, I can’t tell you how to be a photographer or how to get “the photographers eye” but I can assist you with showing you what I am looking for.

I met Amanda and her friend Elizabeth recently at Duke Gardens for Amanda’s photo safari class.  Elizabeth brought along her dog and he was our photo subject for the second hour portion which was the actual shooting.  I am usualy a little leery about incorporating dogs into photo shoots and especially one in which I am trying to teach but he was an absolute dream dog.  He listened very well and was so good throughout the entire session – even the learning portion at the beginning where we were actually shooting.

I hope you enjoy some of the images that I took while during Amanda’s Photo Safari class and be sure to check out the classes section if you are interested in booking your own Photo Safari or Mamarazi class!




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