Anne & Chris: Wedding in Charlotte

About 15 years ago, a red-headed girl walked into my freshman dorm room at Johns Hopkins.  I gave her a cookie.  She stayed.  For the last decade and a half, Anne and I have been friends – we’ve seen each other through relationships, Navy boys (thanks for the proximity to the Academy, historic city planners!), too many drinks, not enough drinks, children, and one very sweet puppy.  We’ve gotten in and out of trouble, taxis, and four different states.  It’s been a good time.

So when Anne called me last week and said, “Hey, whatcha doing on Monday?” I immediately thought we were skipping school and taking the kids to Ikea, or some other half-baked idea.  But usually, the crazy plans are mine, so I knew something big was up… With just eight people total at the ceremony at the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve, Anne married her friend, co-blogger, fellow science nut, and a future awesome father to her little girl.  She and Chris staged an impromptu wedding, with a dress from Macy’s, flowers from Whole Foods (that Rebecca helped me choose, actually), and rings that they bought together.

I was both in the wedding and trying to keep three little girls from falling in the lake, so there weren’t many photos – but what we got was great.  Congrats, buddy!

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