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It’s here! The NEW RBP Galleries : The Office : Raleigh/Durham, NC Photographer

Oh, friends.  FRIENDS.  After a very long and strenuous process, we are very pleased to announce that the all-new RedView full post »

The Allard Family : Rolesville, NC Family Photographer

We really love it when we get friends of clients to shoot with us, and meeting theAllards was no exception.  A winningView full post »

Logan & Chris Part I : Staunton, VA Wedding Photographer

Wow.  WOW.  I really slept in this morning, guys – I made it all the way to 6:45 before I woke up in a panic,View full post »

Kelly & Trevor : Raleigh, NC Engagement Photographer

What a long, strange summer it’s been!  Between traveling out of state for weddings, family matters, and variousView full post »

Claye’s Bridals : Raleigh, NC Bridal Portrait Photographer

Oh, beautiful Claye.  We’ve been waiting to post these until she and her fella tied the knot – fortunatelyView full post »

Caroline & Ryan : Raleigh, NC Engagement Photographer

Caroline and Ryan met us at the January bridal show at the fairgrounds. After two days of nonstop talking, we both hadView full post »

Logan’s Bridals : Glencoe, NC Bridal Portrait Photographer

Bridals are killing, KILLING us lately.  Not because we have too many of them, because we love them, but because weView full post »

A Fairy Magical Birthday : Durham, NC Child Portrait Photographer

About four years and six months ago, I took photos for a family at Duke Gardens.  They had the most perfectlyView full post »

Adair & Justin : Durham, NC Engagement Photographer

Usually, engagement sessions for us are part of a larger wedding package; we’ll see the happy couple again, maybeView full post »

One beautiful family, one adorable town : Apex, NC Family Photographer

Y’all!  Did you know how cute Apex is?  I met these guys there last month, and since then I’ve been backView full post »

Happy big three, E! : Raleigh, NC Child Portrait Photographer

The weather here has been so hinky lately – if it’s not bright and sunny, it’s gray andView full post »

Hi, Sam! : Raleigh, NC Baby Photographer

Ordinarily when we get our first session with a new baby, we call it a welcome session – welcome to the world,View full post »

Happy birthday, Rylee! : Durham, NC Child Portrait Photographer

Wow, has it been a month since we updated this site?  MORE than a month, you say?  We have a good reason: it’sView full post »

News you can use: the newsletter finally launched today!

We’re hoping to make it easier for y’all to keep up with what’s going on over here at RBP.  It seemsView full post »

Welcome, 2013: a Booth and a Big Kid

Well, hello, 2013!  We both came into January feeling well-rested after the holidays; I did a lot of traveling, andView full post »

The Green Family : Boone, NC Family Photographer

Thanks to the mad holiday rush – y’all want those Christmas cards, and you want ’em BAD – weView full post »

Peter & Wendy : Durham, NC Wedding Photographer

Weddings are always a beautiful occasion – everyone is there to celebrate love, and what could possibly beView full post »

Trunk or Treat? : Raleigh, NC Event Photographer

For years, we’ve been featured on TriangleMommies, a fantastic resource for moms in the Triangle area.  Part of aView full post »

Ashley & Devon : Chapel Hill and Durham, NC Engagement Photographer

Ashley and Devon met at UNC, where Devon’s fraternity brothers watched him fall in love with this gorgeous,View full post »

Brief moment of victory

I’ve been working with these three sisters for a few years now, and we always pull off some cute shots.  ButView full post »