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The Eckel Family : Duke Gardens – Durham, NC Family Photographer

We moved here from Baltimore, so it was extra-fun to spend time with these guys, who have just moved north to Maryland.View full post »

Well-loved, indeed: Welcome, Bien Aimé

As a parent, I’m constantly wrestling with clothing choices.  Not my own clothing, although there are days when IView full post »

Welcome, Living Social friends!

Wow, the response to our most recent Living Social promotion has been fantastic!  We’re delighted that so many ofView full post »

My “firsts” come back!

Well!  Since you last read a post from us, Rebecca and I have been keeping pretty busy with end-of-summer shoots,View full post »

The Shiny New Ooh-Baby Packages!

Part of the reason we’re nearly bald from stress and overwork right now is that we have to plan for the next sixView full post »

Madeline & Joyce

After a whole lot of planning, unplanning, changes and edits, we FINALLY got the Senior Program up and running a fewView full post »

A bunch of boys at Bennett Place

Several years ago, when I was just starting photography, I met Katie and Brian, parents to one baby boy with big blueView full post »

Topsail Road Trip: Max and Miles

Rebecca and I don’t get out much.  Our schedules are completely backward – when normal people are at work,View full post »

Wooo, mama – another boudoir!

We are LOVING the boudoir sessions. Our moms – and they’ve all been moms, which is awesome – haveView full post »

Believing in love.

Okay, we usually don’t like to talk politics – given that this area has a very wide range of beliefView full post »

Welcome, Hallie!

I met Hallie and her adorable parents at their home near Burlington recently.  There is NOTHING that isn’t cuteView full post »

Love for Miss Miller :: Baby Dedication, Goldsboro, NC

I was delighted to share a morning with a terrific family in Goldsboro last weekend – the newest baby in theView full post »

New news is GREAT news

We’ve really expanded the calendar this year, so in an effort to keep our clients better informed, we’veView full post »

Anne & Chris: Wedding in Charlotte

About 15 years ago, a red-headed girl walked into my freshman dorm room at Johns Hopkins.  I gave her a cookie.  SheView full post »

Ine and Mike: Fearrington Village Wedding

Well, chalk it up to holiday rush brain… We should have posted this wedding ages ago, because it was just plainView full post »

Whoa, Momma: Ms. Y’s Boudoir Session

Last week we posted a few updates, and casually mentioned that we might kinda sorta be doing some “special”View full post »

January: a month of building

Wow, it’s been far too long since we updated!  January was a really exciting month for us, both in terms ofView full post »

Hello, Gorgeous: Jennifer’s Bridals

If your name is Matt, get away from the computer.  SERIOUSLY.  Beautiful Jennifer is too amazing to hide from theView full post »

Portrait Party: At-home style

We’re often lucky, in that our clients gradually become our friends, and shoots with them end up more likeView full post »

Steve & Kym :: Married at the Beach

In keeping with our “seriously, let’s update the blog more often” agreement, here’s anotherView full post »