The Calvert Family : Duke Gardens – Durham, NC Family Photographer

I will be the first one to admit – I met this precious family last year for their annual family portraits for the very first time and well…… it didn’t go so hot.  Eddie was just not interested in taking pictures. He was getting over a cold or getting one – I can’t remember but well, it was one of those that we got what we got and actually I didn’t turn over as many banner images I normally do but we got some pictures.  Enough for some prints and a Christmas card.

Well, this year – having last years session in the back of my mind – well, I was hoping that a year later Eddie would be older and wiser and maybe cooperate?!?!  I am a hopeful person;)

We met up at the front gate to walk into Duke Gardens and Eddie kinda looked at me, and not in a good way.  Oh dear; here we go again…..

So, I did what I normally do – go to one of my favorite guaranteed that the light is gonna be good even if he is wiggly spots in the arboretum and PRAY.  I will totally admit YES – sometimes for sessions I am giving the lord above so many guarantees of how good a person I am and will continue to be.  “You know that nursing job, Lord?  Well, I take care of others really well.  PLEASE take care of me and get this kiddo to cooperate.”

I have promised Mercedes Benzs’, a million dollars, that YES – Lightning McQueen WILL be at your birthday party and oh yes, my favorite – “I PROMISE I put spiderman in my camera this morning.  Do you see him?”

Oh I pull out all the stops and here were were again approaching my voluntary kidney donation in the middle of Duke Gardens if this precious little one would just LOOK at me!  PULEEEEESSSEEE?!?!?!

Well, something kinda funny happened.  Eddie was, well not crying but wasn’t happy either.  He started walking toward a very pretty place up the stairs with his toy cars.  He then kicked the car and he laughed.  Then he found some pine cones and was amused by them too.  Then mom came up and he started playing with her.  Then she picked him up and he game me a few fleating moments of looks.


Then I started talking to him in silly voices and he looked confused and perplexted.  Then for some reason I channeled my inner younger self from when I was in high school and for some reason I went right for some of the gruffyness in my voice that I would use when I was in German class – back in the day.

AAACCCCKKKKKK and YYYYYUUUUUUCCCKKK.  I can’t even type to describe it but seriously; I sounded like I was constantly sneezing and speaking German.

BUT you know what!?!?!?  Eddie thought it was the most HILLARIOUS thing EVER!  He laughed!  He smiled and he looked and longer than a few seconds.  He thought I was doing Comedy Central in the middle of Duke Gardens – and others walking by probably thought I was having a seizure had I not been standing upright.

The rest of the session went swimmingly and I even sent him to the parking lot laughing and smiling.  SUCCESS!  AND the pictures below are proof.

I got in the car and breathed a big huge sigh of relief.  Eddie liked me and we had a great session.  FINALLY some pictures of him with his parents and he looked like he actually LIKED his parents like I know he does.

Enjoy and HUGS and can’t wait to see you again in 2015 Eddie and the Calvert Family!



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