Duke University 2015 Scholars Breakfast : Durham, NC Senior Portrait Photographer

What.an.honor – to be asked to photograph the 2015 Duke University Scholars Breakfasts at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, NC this past May.  Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the graduates and one more, Duke University puts on a special event and breakfast celebrating each and every scholar that they have in 5 very select programs in the school.  The different scholarships require the receipient to do various things in order to maintain the receiving of the funds and some require service projects near and far in an effort to give back to the community both local and international.

The stories that these recipients shared were amazing and you could also tell that from the beginning of the time at Duke, they all got to know each other really well and became a family within a family at the University.

As a gift to the scholars and the scholars families, each scholar had their picture made with their family and friends whom attended the breakfast with them and some were also brave enough to let me take a photograph of them by themselves for potential head shot usage in the future.  AND all the groups were photographed as a group with and without their mentors.

What an honor for these scholars to received the scholarships as well as for me to be given the honor to photograph them.

Enjoy some of my favorites and hopeful for a return for the fall 2015 graduates breakfast!




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