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Oh, friends.  FRIENDS.  After a very long and strenuous process, we are very pleased to announce that the all-new Red Bridge galleries page is up and running.  Our hosting service launched a new gallery platform over the summer, and we’ve gradually been nosing around the details, twiddling here and there, and making the changes; unfortunately, when we finally hit the go button, after following our directions to a T, the site croaked and the galleries disappeared.  Several days, customer service agents, and gallons of tears later… IT IS LIVE.  And it is awesome.

As you can see, we’re using categories now instead of making you scroll through a bazillion other galleries to get to the one you want.  Our most popular subjects – brides ‘n babies – will be at the top, with the others marching along behind.  Clicking on one of those categories will take you to a listing page, where all galleries of that type will have a thumbnail; the most recently updated will be at the top of the page.

Weddings are a little different, in that you’ll have to click on another folder within the Weddings category to view all of each couple’s photos.  These will be sorted chronologically, so there will be separate galleries for Preparations, Ceremony, Portraits, Reception, etc., just like the old days – however, this new layout means you don’t have to dig through the long list of other galleries to find each one.  Here’s what your screen will look like after you click Weddings on the main galleries page:


Each couple’s folder is visible here; choose the one you like the most (they’re all favorites of ours) and click on through.  After doing that, you’ll see this (or something much like it, depending on what events took place at each wedding).  When you click on any of the specific galleries, you’ll need to enter a password; it’ll be the same one for all galleries from each wedding.

Once you’re inside any gallery, you’ll be able to see all your photos at once.  Clicking on any photo will open it in a larger version, with clickable ordering links at the bottom of the page.  Seriously, it’s super cool – we’re really excited about the improved viewability and easier ordering system.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience as we struggling, wept, and drank excessively through this process – we owe a big hug to Barrie, the tech support star who figured out what was going on and explained it in words we could understand.  Now get your diet Coke, sit back, and pick a gallery – they’re FINALLY all fantastic!


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