Jack is ONE! : Raleigh, NC Child Photographer

Mason came to visit me all the way from (I think they were living in Arkansas then too) for his ONE session and I am so thrilled that Jack did too!  I got to catch up with their mom; a long time friend of mine from back in my bedside nursing days at Duke hospital.  We have both long since moved on from working at the bedside but both of her babies have come to me for their ONE sessions!  Their mom’s family still lives in the triangle and it worked out perfectly around Jack’s birthday as their uncle had a ceremony for matching with his medical school.

So – of course we were limited on days we could do the session and unfortunately we already had the cake ordered and ready so we split the session up to studio portraits on one day and then a few days later before they were leaving town, we had beautiful weather AND the extended family pre-match ceremony and we were able to do family pictures!  So stay tuned for that!

This is all about adorable Jack, his lack of enjoying his birthday cake but really enjoying the bath part of his session (and Mason jumped in too just to make sure Jack didn’t need splashing help;))




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