January: a month of building

Wow, it’s been far too long since we updated!  January was a really exciting month for us, both in terms of shoots (all the squishy babies, yummm – we’ll post about them later) and because we’re trying out some new ideas.  Since we’re relatively new to being partners, Rebecca and I are learning, experimenting, and testing, and since the holiday portrait rush has ended, we’ve had a little more time to try out new things.

Weddings: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chos

Roughly translated, this means “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.”  I like this saying a lot, and I feel like it’s really applicable for us – we’re growing and developing as a partnership, rather than two independents, but our main thought is the same.  We want wedding photography to be EASY for our couples.  Future brides will be pleased to know that we’ve decided to keep prices the same for another few months; not that we couldn’t use the extra cash, but we understand that hey, the economy is tough.  As a bride, you have a lot of choices when you plan a wedding – which cake, how many, what flowers, where to eat.  Do you get your dress at an upscale shop or try to refashion your mother’s?  Monogram the favors (so cute!) or go with a stock design?  We’d like to think that we’re pretty reasonable, and it felt better to keep the moderate prices and keep-it-simple pricing we had for all of last year.  (If you want more information on this, pop us an email – we’re happy to share.)  We’ve also decided to continue with a la carte pricing – this means we don’t do packages, because we don’t like forcing you into what we think you want.  You tell us, and it’s yours.

We happily registered for another wedding show, this time a smaller-scale event in Mebane – the Burlington Times-News sponsors a lovely show at the Arts Center there, and we’re pleased to say that we’re the fourth and final photographers who made the deadline.  We’ll be bringing the ring pops, of course, so if you need a sugar fix and some great ideas, come see us!

And of course, we wrapped up our last few weddings from 2011 – I’ll get those posted ASAP.

Portraits: big new stuff!

We met a lot, a LOT of new babies this year, and caught up with a few we haven’t seen for some months.  We expanded the props list, too, so now your Home Studio options aren’t just black or white backgrounds.  Say hello to the Emmabelle backdrop (costuming and prop selection by this little darling’s big sister – she picked out the bear as a special welcome gift, how cute is THAT?):

And the Kayla:

Now our backdrop options include a kazillion patterns, colors, and yes, even floors – your home really can be the perfect photo location, whether you have carpet, tile, vinyl, or cement in the garage.  When you sign up for a Home Studio session, we’ll share the full list of background options (and you’ll probably see them popping up on here quite frequently as well).

Another big surprise (to us, too) for our portrait division is the boudoir session, which YES, we’re doing!  After a halfhearted, “well, maybe” kind of post on a local women’s forum, we’ve had a surprising amount of interest and are looking forward to the challenge of sassy, classy Valentines and anniversary gifts for the fellas in our area.  Hold on to your hats, boys – your wives and girlfriends have some very hot ideas!  We haven’t yet added Boudoir to our nav menu above, so if you want more info about this, send us an email.

And now…

Time for some updated photo posts!  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed hearing what’s new for RBP as much as we’ve enjoyed expanding our options – I still say this is the best job ever, because one of my bosses lets me wear pajamas on office days (yeah, that’s me) and my other boss brings me Starbucks and chocolate for the marathon staff meetings (Rebecca!)  Enjoy the results of those meetings, and we’ll see you soon!

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