Jocelyn’s Bridals : Duke Gardens – Durham, NC Bridal Portrait Photographer

I have been d-y-ing to share these pictures since March of this year but such is life with a bridal session.  You shoot, you love, you have to wait.  I hate waiting!

But this weekend Jocelyn was married to Mr. Tay Wright in Durham, NC and soooooo NOW I am in the clear to share her bridal session with you.  As is tradition, the bride’s overall look must remain top secret and the only people other than me to have seen her in the full get up were the lovely school children at Duke Gardens on the day of her bridal session.  They thought she was a princess, I know she is a princess and Tay is going to treat her like one every day for the rest of her life.

What a beautiful morning we had!  I will admit I was a little nervous because we had a really rainy March and the day before our session we had one of the many thunderstorms and gully washers that would dampen the ground and make the flowers bloom in the next few days.  Jocelyn was cool, calm and collected; even in her e-mail that I sent the day before asking “are you sure?  It’s not like you will be walking around a lot and if you just stay put it should be a problem but; ARE YOU SURE?!?!?!”  Jocelyn replied with a very certain “I am sure it will be fine.”  I only hope I am 1/10th as calm as her on my special day.

The highlight in addition to the sun and the beautiful pictures was the group of about 10 school children that followed, and I mean followed us around the gardens because they wanted to see the “princess.”  We did take a brief break from the beauty session to talk with them and for a brief moment I felt like the helpers at Disney World that are there for “security” and also the designated photo taker for the Disney characters as they parade around the park. Guess I always will have a back up plan for things but lord help me if I ever have to use it.

Please enjoy Jocelyn’s bridal session.  I wish Jocelyn and Tay all the best as they begin their life together and I am looking forward to a family session with the Wright family soon!

Much love ~ Rebecca


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