Laura & Michael :: Married :: Punxsutawney, PA

Please pardon the large blog post that is about to happen here but I think that one reason why I have some many pictures I am posting from this wedding is because I (Rebecca) have know this couple so long and because we have also never shot at any of the locations that you are about to see pictured here.  The groom, Michael, that got married on cinco de mayo 2012 to his sweetheart Laura in Pennsylvania; well, we go wayyyyyy back.  I seem to start many of my blog posts like that but it seems to be oh so true frequently.  I met Mike (or Becker as I call him) if I remember correctly night one of my employment as a Registered Nurse at Duke Hospital.  He or maybe I was very shy and it took some getting used to each other and the new place we were frequenting 3 or more nights a week.

See, Becker had only started a few months before myself on this very busy critical care unit.  We have been friends from day one I like to think.  We have been through stressful situations at work, conversations of the recent bands and tours that were coming to the area; which were worth it an which we would pass on, and over the 8 years we have known each other we have been through highs and lows with our own personal lives and since we were friends we would often talk about it in our down time.

Well, things changed the day that Laura moved to Durham, NC.  Laura was new to the area, knew very few people and was trying to find her niche.  She had an apartment, a job and the sweetest personality that I soon realized that she would also be my friend.  When Becker met Laura at what I can only assume was a Duke related function either personal or professional, they hit it off immediately and quickly we all realized that not only did Becker like Laura and vice versa, but they were PERFECT for each other.  Knowing Becker for so long and Laura for what seemed like forever because she was so open, friendly and nice it was easy to see that these two were certainly going to hit it off!

I think their first date was a movie or a concert (he can correct me in the comments section;)). Soon after they began dating and then since time was already flying by fast enough, Becker started looking for a ring.  Not just any ring; THE RING!!!  Of course, all us meddling female nurses uh I mean friends that have know him for so long; we all put our two cents in.  He got her not only a beautiful ring but the perfect ring for her and him!  He proposed at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC and soon after the wedding planning began!

I was so honored to be asked to shoot their engagement session which they also used one of the pics as their save the date card and even more thrilled when we started talking about shooting their wedding!  The plans were in place and on Friday May 4, Annie and I drove up for the big weekend!

Becker had told me on many occasions about the town that he grew up in.  Punxsutawny, PA is best known for February 2 of every year; Groundhog day!  You know, the rodent uh I mean adorable creature of God that predicts the weather.  I say rodent only because all I saw of him was his hind end.  Well, Punxsutawny is the “Weather Capital of the World” and they have an entire building let alone town square dedicated to the day.  I was born and raised in a small town but I was within a short drive to a large town.  I can only image that this town started very similarly to the one I grew up in and well, it just never changed.  Quaint, country, eccentric are some adjectives but beautiful was the scenery.

Not very often are we given full photographic choosing on the locations for the portraits for the bride and groom on their wedding day, but for this wedding we got total dibs on that and boy were we happy!  Generally we are under such time or location constraints we have use what we have.  This day we used what we had but we were able to be very choosy with the spots we actually used.  There were so many beautiful places and we picked the best of the best.

The day started with me at a local bed and breakfast getting some shots of Laura and her sister getting ready.  I also had complete run of the vast property to shoot some of my favorite shots of the day; the bridal details.  I love all things with shoes, clothing and accessories and I was so tickled that the property had some of the coolest trees I have ever seen not to mention the barn which like most of the mountains of PA was rustic and beautiful.

Annie spent the morning with Michael (which I will admit it was a struggle to call him Michael on his wedding weekend; saying Becker over and over again with 15 other Becker’s there would get really confusing after awhile) and his groomsmen.  I was told he didn’t seem nervous at all and Laura, well she was as cool as a cucumber!

When it was time for Laura to walk down the isle; Michael met her halfway to walk her the rest of the way.  Very symbolic of the journey that they are starting together and will walk through together; through thick and thin.  I don’t know if I was the only one that heard it, but being in the isle to get shots of the processional I did catch his first words to his bride for the day; “You look beautiful!” Oh my heart just melts.

They exchanged their vows with never a doubt and always a smiling face.  They greeted their new conjoined family outside in the hot but not humid Pennsylvania sun and then we all piled into my car (that’s right folks; we are full service photographers and limo service to your reception). Annie sat shotgun and counted the previously mapped out millage to each stop on our journey to the reception.

I will leave their portrait session details out because I think that hopefully they speak for themselves.  The beautiful Pennsylvania countryside didn’t disappoint and even better trees, barns, bridges and tree lined roads were our stops on the way.

The reception was full of some of the best wedding food I have eaten (quickly, as per usual) and also some of the best party and dance people in Punxsutawny that night; bear in mind the prom for the only high school in town was also happening on the same night.  It was a perfect celebration to kick of the beginning of a beautiful and new family!  The family of Laura and Michael started just they way it should and I only hope for many, many years of happiness for the two of you.  I am so excited that I get to see you guys on a routine basis and get to partake in your daily life as well as the beginning of your lives together.

Thank you a million times over for including us in your special day.  Now, I need to get some tissues because like your wedding day, I am already starting to tear up again.

Love you guys!

~Rebecca & Annie




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