Learning and lighting : Myrtle Beach, SC Photographer

This is a long overdue blog post on a class I took last summer.  Last SUMMER folks!  Lots has changed since then but the experience was on that I must share.  Looking back on how much I have grown in the last year I think it is great to reflect on the learning opportunity that I had last summer in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I have been a long time follower of Brian Mullins with Brian Mullins Photography who is based in Apex, NC.  I love his unique style and his pictures always exhibit one main quality; the light is amazing.  Even when it is pitch black – he brings and finds the light.  And I wanted to learn some more as to how I could also find the light.

So, I traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC for his all day lighting workshop also taught by Jenn Aan of Halftone Studios also based in Apex, NC.  I learned a lot and another reason WHY I think it is so important to share this is at the end are some of the images in which I KNOW I could not have processed through how to capture it the best way possible before I took this class.  Let’s face it – photography is an ever changing profession and you HAVE to keep learning.  You will never know it all as you find new and better ways to do things as well as understanding the concepts behind capturing a great image.

Hope you enjoy some highlights from the day and also the images at the end are those that I put the concepts into practice that I learned that day.




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