Megan & Justin : Afterglow at Shiloah Farms – Durham, NC Portrait Photographer

This session was in the works for a long time. We first talked about it when we did Megan and Justin’s wedding in June of 2012 and we had to re-schedule for rain once or twice but finally the weather was perfect!  The day had come for Megan and Justin to re-don their wedding attire and add another family member to the frame; Ivan.

Megan has trained Ivan for years.  They have a bond that only you could have with an animal – an extended part of your family.  He has to be one of the most mild mannered horses that I have ever met.  Seeing as I haven’t met many horses in my life, the ones that I have interacted with have been very nervous animals but Ivan was the exception.  He was a little leery first having something pointed at him; a little uncertain as to what it was that was going on at first.

It was challenging to attempt to pose such a large animal but as we went a long, we realized that posing wasn’t an option.  He did his thing and we did ours.  AND this is what we got.  A series of some beautiful pictures that Megan, Justin and we will remember forever.

Thank you for having us out guys and best of luck on your new adventure.  Don’t be strangers, now!  You will forever be a part of the RB family!

~Hugs~ Rebecca and Annie

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