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You may or may have noticed.  There have been a few changes that I thought were important to say “hey, I wanted you to know!”  So, here it goes….

In the late summer and early fall of 2013 (that’s right – last year) this company started going through some changes.  Red Bridge that had been Annie and Rebecca was transitioning to just Rebecca.  And I’ll have you know that it was a very tough decision on both parts but ultimately Annie wanted to go back to school and spend what little “other” time she had with her kids and family.  I totally understand that being as I work a full time job as a nurse as well as photograph for Red Bridge.  So, the fall of 2013 – everything portrait was photographed by Rebecca and Annie second shot weddings with Rebecca.

Officially as of July 8, 2014 – Rebecca purchased Annie’s share in Red Bridge from Annie so I am now the sole owner of Red Bridge.  SCARY – I know!

So, over the past year I have been working on all the paperwork associated with the switch, the physical moving of the stuff and working on my own time management.  All that being said, I feel like this will be the first time EVER I have turned down business. Last fall was crazy because everything was so frantic and hectic and I had to pick up a lot but now I can plan better and in that planning I want to ensure that I have enough time to work my other job (yes, in the end – it does end up benefiting you in that I don’t have to jack my prices way up to cover all the costs that my current job covers i.e. insurance and retirement).  I also want to make sure I have enough time for my clients – they deserve the fast turn around time I always think I can give and then something comes up sometimes.  I also owe it to my own family.  Have you seen my nephew Sam?  If you haven’t just look below.  I love him to pieces and love watching him grow and discover things.  And lastly but definitely not in this order – I owe it to MYSELF.

I was miserable with a capital M last fall and it spilled over into the holidays and then winter and before you knew it I hadn’t even caught up on blogging and it was spring.  So, I love a good to-do list but I love it even better when it is all checked off.  So, I had asked Annie to write this for some time ago because I wanted you all to know that we left the partnership on amicable terms.  We are still friends.  There was no crazy throwing a $2,000 camera lens at the other.  We aren’t malicious with each other and we never will be.  We love to work together and will continue to – AT WEDDINGS!  Yes, Annie will associate shoot weddings with me as I book them.  She gets first dibs and then if she isn’t interested, I find someone else that I know like and trust to assist me shooting these special events.

In fact, we have a few booked for 2015 already and I am talking to many more!  I also am exhibiting a booth at the Forever Bridal show at the NC State Fairgrounds in January 2015, Red Bridge provided the photography for a 6 page editorial spread in Weddings Magazine available in December 2014,I had an image printed in the Fall 2014 issue of Carolina Weddings Magazine and I have finally had time to submit a lot of old weddings for publication which so far all have been picked up by at least one publisher.

So, times are a changing and changing for the better.  We are all happier and productive and have what is best for us.  The company is growing in leaps and bounds and I am so very thankful for that and for YOU my friend and client for taking the time to read this!  Your relationships are so very important to me and important to my life.  My family and you guys are what keep me getting out of bed every day!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support my dream through your continued business, your referrals, your kind words and for making me feel like a miracle worker sometimes behind the camera.  It makes it s much better when my vision translates into the camera and then you can see what I was thinking all along and THEN you say “WOW, that is amazing!”  You make me so happy every time that happens!

Stay cool and I hope to see you all again real soon!





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