News you can use: the newsletter finally launched today!

We’re hoping to make it easier for y’all to keep up with what’s going on over here at RBP.  It seems like there’s always something we wish we could tell you about – new galleries, beautiful weddings, sweet fat baby cheeks, software updates, announcements, la la la all kinds of stuff.  We feel like this business has really been built by about 750 people – 748 of whom are not Rebecca or me – and we want you to feel as much a part of our lives as we have felt a part of yours.

So we finally joined the modern age and worked out a newsletter.  All our subscribers (where did you all come from??) should have received the inaugural edition this morning – it tells a bit about what we’ve been doing, and also includes special, discounts, and the announcement of the VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for our brides (see what I did there?  It’s not the actual announcement, it’s the announcement of the announcement! I am so tricky this morning.)  In short, it’s stuff we want to share, and assuming you like discounts and prizes, it’s stuff you want to read.  Click on the image below to read online, or email us to subscribe to the other 11 newsletters this year.  It’s going to be a newsy 2013!

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