Oh, wow… The Bridal Showcase rocked!

Yesterday, all three of us here at RBPHQ participated in our first bridal show, the Triangle Bridal Showcase in Chapel Hill. We weren’t expecting much, as the show promoters told us it was small and intimate, with “many fewer” brides than the larger convention center show in January. We were so wrong! After working like crazy on our booth, and drafting many friends and family members to help us out (and cheer us on), we were rewarded with nonstop visits from brides-to-be and their entourages for four straight hours. I lost my voice, Rebecca had to switch to ballet flats for the last hour, and Selena handed out at least a bajillion ring pop “favors”… and we had a ball.

To all our new brides, welcome to the clubhouse! We were so happy to see you, and can’t wait to talk more about your upcoming weddings. And to all our old friends, thanks for hanging in there as we hammered, sawed, painted, swore, and drank way too much diet Coke. We are what we are thanks to all of you. Keep an eye on this site, as it’s going to have a huge bump in posting, now that we’re not as crazy!

Here are a few photos from yesterday: the booth, the bookshelf with the iPads (very popular toys – I think we need a few more, and at least one dedicated to our Angry Birds tourney), the window display (see anyone you know?), and the super-awesome ring pop tree. The pops couldn’t compete with the bling on the fingers, but hey, we tried. 🙂 Also, check out the lovely bouquet from Fleuressence – they did all the bouquets on the entry wall, and they were too pretty.

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