Portrait Party: At-home style

We’re often lucky, in that our clients gradually become our friends, and shoots with them end up more like playtime, both for the kids and the grownups.  Liz and her family are in that client/friend hybrid group; we first met when baby Jack was about two weeks old, and we’ve seen them several times since then – our man is almost one!  Jack, Liz, and Dave opened their home to more friends recently for a portrait party, and instead of spending an afternoon at the mall, waiting in line for photos, everyone was able to snack (two words: monkey bread), relax, and have a turn in front of the camera.  Jack and another friend were both about to celebrate birthdays, so we brought in a couple of tiny cakes – Jack was slightly less pleased about the messiness than his girlfriend was, who dove right in.  All in all, it was a fantastic event, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to share time and giggles with all the new friends – and especially to Jack and his parents for hosting.

These photos are great examples of the home studio set we use when we travel; although these were all on a white background, we also have different colors and textures of background, tons of props, etc.  All we need is about 15’x15′ of open space and access to an electrical outlet, and you too could have a studio in your house – skip the mall, stay home and play with us instead!

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