Shane & Jeanne : Durham, NC Wedding Photographer

We could not will the rain away on Shane and Jeanne’s wedding day.  No amount of the sun dance or “rain, rain, go away” could make the rain clouds go away. BUT the rain would not dampen the celebration that would happen on this day.
It was finally here! The day that Shane and Jeanne had dreamed, planed and prepared for. They were going from individuals to married on this day and nothing, even some rain, could stop them. We moved the ceremony inside at The Doris Duke Center and they literally tied the knot. Part of their ceremony was a knot tying service. And the exchange of vows and rings were not like any other.
There was so much love between the future husband and wife. They were starting their lives together and we were there to witness and archive it; forever we would bear the testimony of their love. The ceremony completed and rolled into cocktail hour and a reception full of dancing, dedications, and food. And I must throw one line at you just about the cake! It was AMAZING! Never seen anything like it before. After snapping a few hundred pictures of just the cake; the ones I share with you are my favorites. Oh and did I mention dancing?!?!?
Thank you Shane and Jeanne for allowing us to share in your special day! Best wishes for all the happiness together! ~Annie & Rebecca
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