Suicide Blonde :: The 80s Band :: Raleigh, NC

It isn’t often that I get the opportunity to photograph a band but interestingly enough, I have two band sessions to post.

This is the first of the two and if you have kept up with me (Rebecca) from the beginning of my photography career, you will recognize the guys in this amazing band. I have known the guys in Suicide Blonde for many years; before I was a photographer; and I started shooting them with my point and click when I was going out with my friends downtown. They perform at many of the downtown hot spots as well as in Eastern NC and the Triad.

They are extremely talented, they love to party and the love music; all types of music but specifically 80s music. They are a cover band yes, but you have not heard and 80s cover band like this before. They do some of the best hits of the 80s and often when you hear the first four bars of a song, if you were born before 1988, it takes you back. I was in the single digit age range in the real 1980s, but I know the music and enjoy it especially when Suicide Blonde performs it.

Their website is under construction at present with some pictures from yours truly being featured on it but you can check them out on Facebook. The facebook page is updated throughout the week with their schedule. If you would like to come see them tonight, Saturday, August 11, 2012; they will be at Tir Na Nog in Moore Square- Raleigh, NC.

They also do events and weddings so if you are looking for a great band for your live event, contact me and I will get you up with the manager. Hope to see you soon at one of their shows! In the meantime, enjoy a few of my favorite shots from one of their performances at Napper Tandy’s in Downtown Raleigh, NC.

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