The ATC is back!

For those of you who live in Durham, the American Tobacco Campus is a well-known, family-friendly area that seems ideal for photos.  For years, the folks at ATC told professional photographers that using their space for client shoots was a no-no… and even chased a few of us out when we were shooting our own kids, just because we were using bigger, obviously professional cameras.  (Have you seen my oldest child?  There is NO DOUBT that she’s mine.  But the security guards were unconvinced.)  We understood – their signs and the Bulls logos were, after all, copyrighted, and catching them in the background of photos that we then sold would be bad – but we were super-sad, because it’s an amazing space and we wanted to shoot in it.

And then we got our wish!  Recently, ATC has given photographers the green light on their property, so Durham families and teens, REJOICE!  We’d love to see you there, so let us know if we can schedule you in that space.  Here are a few photos we took years ago, before we knew that it was forbidden (we checked, no copyrighted stuff appears in these pics).  Enjoy!

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