The Minior Family : Bald Head Island, NC Family Portrait Photographer

We have gone to the beach many times this year but this happened to be my first time of two weeks in a row that I got to go to Bald Head Island, NC.I have never ever been there before and what a unique place. I loved it there. I felt so secluded but in a good way. You take a ferry there from Southport, NC and then your main mode of transport is a golf cart. There is all the comforts of a normal town; grocery store, shops, medical, police but it is it’s own island. It is very cool and if you ever get the chance to go there you should do it!

The other nice thing is that since there is a fee to take the ferry to and from the island, the beaches are only inhabited by those that are staying on the island and since the number of people isn’t in massive quantities, the beaches are fairly empty. We got lucky with the weather the day I was there for the Minior family session.

After part one of seeing the islands greenery, we ate dinner then headed to the beach for an evening walk. We got a beautiful sunset. So pink and rich. I couldn’t have painted it any prettier and for those of you wondering or thinking that those are photoshopped, they aren’t! They are enhanced to make them brighter because it was a wee bit dark but i didn’t paint that on the photo.

What a great day we had and there are two more family sessions coming up that I did the next morning on the island and then the following weekend Annie and I were there for a wedding! So stay tuned!

Thanks again Minior Family for a great trip. It was such a treat to explore and share your vacation with you. See you soon!

Hugs ~Rebecca

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