The Shiny New Ooh-Baby Packages!

Part of the reason we’re nearly bald from stress and overwork right now is that we have to plan for the next six months.  Obviously we’re buying supplies, dealing with tax and licensing stuff, and getting the gear cleaned – but we’re also planning future pricing and package deals.  And these developments are lookin’ GOOD!

Our new Ooh-Baby Packages are designed to save money for new parents – because, holy moley, babies are pricey.  Your choices here are:

  1. Pay for each session individually.  A session+disk of high-res images, our most popular session setup, is $250.
  2. The first package option: We do maternity, newborn, and six-month photos. All three of those full price would be $750, but we’re going to make them $650 instead.
  3. The second package option: Maternity, newborn, and three, six, and nine-month photos. All five would be $1250, but we’re going to make them $1100.
  4. Your third option, and the best deal!  Maternity, newborn, three, six, nine, and twelve months. The twelve-month session includes a smash cake if you want one, and balloons if you don’t.  Six sessions would be $1500, but we’re going to make one free, so the total for the biggest package is $1250.

All you have to do is let us know what package makes the most sense for your growing family – or no package, if that’s what you’d prefer – and we’ll make sure you get a punch card with all your sessions on it.  And that’s it!  At least one thing that has to do with babies is easy, right?

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