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This post is a little less about a wedding itself – in all its glory, a wedding is a marvelous thing.  Well, one thing that you will notice about this post is that there is a whole lot of wedding events missing.  It doesn’t start at your typical Rebecca placing the shoes in 5 different places, the rings, the bouquets etc.  There is a ton of important parts of this wedding missing.  Well, there is a good reason for that and I am in fact celebrating that!

I had the honor to be able to shoot with two phenomenal local photographers one Friday night in May.  It was in preparation for a wedding that I shot with one of the photographers the following weekend.  So – this post was more about the experience of shooting with and learning some new lighting techniques to me.  We as photographers all have our own preferences and ways that we like to do things to get the overall result that we desire.  And further benefit to me is that I had take a lighting class taught by both of these photographers last summer.  And what an honor that they asked for me to shoot an event with them.

Some introductions are in order – so the primary photographer for this wedding was Jenn Aan with Halftone Studios located in Apex, NC and the associate photographer was Brian Mullins with Brian Mullins Photography also in Apex, NC.

I have so enjoyed getting to know these photographers in the area over the past few years.  And I continue to learn so much from them and I appreciate that they are both so forth coming and supportive with my gazillion questions.  One thing about photography is that I know I will NEVER know it all and that I am constantly learning new things and new techniques.  These two are huge advocates of educating the local photography community and they both put an insane amount of time into educating and mentoring the community.

Thank you so much Jenn and Brian for having me out and also to Vanessa and Phil for allowing me to tag along and capture some moments of your day!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this fabulous The Pavilions at Angus Barn Raleigh, NC wedding!



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