Welcome, Evelyn! : North Ridge Country Club Family and Newborn Photographer

Evelyn’s family asked me to photograph them recently on the beautiful grounds of the North Ridge Country Club as they are members there and they love tying the beautiful golf course into their family pictures.  As Evelyn was around 2 months old at the time of the session, we had to opt more for a lifestyle type of session where the family was holding her throughout.  And we found some beautiful parts of the course to use in this session.

Evelyn’s parents knew this course well and had selected a few places for us to take pictures.  North Ridge definately did not dissapoint and neither did precious Evelyn.  She was a doll for most of the session and slept but as do older babies, she was very awake and very aware of her surroundings for a great part of the session as well.  We still managed to get some great images that this family will cherish forever and remember the time that Evelyn was so small she could fit in their arms.



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