Welcome, Living Social friends!

Wow, the response to our most recent Living Social promotion has been fantastic!  We’re delighted that so many of you are ready to move beyond Auto and learn how to make your DSLR cameras really work.  The promotion will run until Friday night, so if you haven’t already signed up for a photo class, get to it!  (And those of you that have are welcome to leave your personal Living Social links in the comments section of this page – although we can’t guarantee that someone else will use it, no harm in putting it out there!)


If you’re already signed up, please send us an email with your name, phone number, make/model of your camera, and what days/times you would prefer to participate in your class.  We’ll be doing classes on Monday-Thursday mornings at 10AM, Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 7:30PM, or Saturday and Sunday at 11 AM.  Let us know what works best for you, and as soon as the sale closes and we get our final sales reports, we’ll start calling to discuss a few potential dates for your class.  We’re trying to keep brands together, so all the Nikon folks will be together, all the Canon users, etc., and hopefully we’ll have a few options for each individual.

Thanks so much for joining the RBP family – we’re happy to have you!

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