Welcome, Maggi! : Durham, NC Newborn Photographer

Maggi was an absolute dream to photograph and we had acually been planning for her session for some time so I am so glad that everything worked out so very well for this Durham, NC Newborn session.  I traveled to the families home for this session.  I do offer that as a service with the understanding that I am not coming with out a good portion of the studio in tow with me – so I will need lots of room and will make myself at home!  There I was, right in the middle of the family room – doing Maggi’s newborn session and she was doing so very well.  She slept through almost the entire thing and only needed to eat a couple of times.  She posed well and actually some of my favorites were at the very beginning of the session – and they weren’t even set up to be that way.

I typically start each session with the images of the parents and older siblings – that is if we are going to be doing any; because I make it really hot in the area that the newborn is in for the session and I want the parents to not be sweaty as well as typically older siblings do better with the session if I attack their part of the session head on and first – then they can go about their business while I proceed with the session without them.  I wrapped Maggi up for her portraits with her parents and her big brother and while big bro didn’t really cooperate, I loved how content and happy she looked all wrapped up like a burito.  So, I took some pictures of her just like that – and my intention was to just take them with her wrapped like that while her parents were holding her.

She is such a content and happy baby and let’s hope she stays like that for her family;)  You never know!

~Enjoy and hugs to this precious family!  I hope to see you more as Maggi grows and grows!~



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