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The amazing aging progression of this child in the session deserves an explanation, so here it goes! I met proud papa Keimun Slaughter many years ago before Olivia was even a gleam in his eye. He was a general surgery resident in the program at Duke at the time and he spent a brief 2 month stent I believe in the SICU where I work. We all became fast friends as we sometimes do and have kept in touch via facebook over the past few years.
Fast forward a few years from the meeting and I bumped into him again and he told me that him and his wife were expecting a little one and he would love for me to do the pictures! Newborn session day comes and I have never had something like this happen before.
I typically have the magic touch with little ones and getting them to sleep. Patience pays off within a little bit of time invested in the newborn session and I get them to sleep and get my shots. This little one would cray like I have never seen before every time we would put her down. We tried for 3 hours to put her down and take some pictures of just her, which is my typical max newborn session time.  In the end, we improvised and got some pictures of baby being held by mama and daddy and I returned when she was 3 months old to do her 3 month session. We found out that she had some pretty bad reflux as a newborn and would not tolerate laying down. So, sitting up in her parents arms she was!
At the 3 month session though; what a difference! I have never seen so many expressions and happy smiles! What a DOLL you are!
Thanks for having me out Slaughter family and I look forward to doing it again soon! ~Hugs~ Rebecca
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