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Catching up on some office type things while the editing continues. Sometimes, I feel like I need to write and ‘splain some things. And sometimes these tangents happen at 4AM as this one is so pardon the potential run-ons that may happen;)

We have long been concerned with how we ensure protection and integrity over our and in turn your images. One thing we do is we include our Red Bridge logo, our name and website and put it on every image that we post online as well as “Copyright Red Bridge Photography, LLC” and our website in the comments section. Since we are a photography company that offers the print release with digital files and thus you can also share them in their original form on blogs, social medial and the like, the files that our clients post to various site do not have our watermark on them. We ask that when you do post a picture the we took of you or for you, that you link back to our site and say “Photo Copyright Red Bridge Photography, LLC” with our website.

Why do we ask this? Well, there are two major reasons. One – advertising. Yes, you would go right to think this is why we would want our name all over the images. We share them and they go to a select community of people that we know or have liked our business pages. We tag you, the audience increases. Which is great for us because it means we will get noticed by more people. We are increasing our awareness. All businesses strive to increase their audience, and if that means looking for seo services that can help to drive more traffic to their site, and subsequently ranking higher in the search engines, then that is what they must do. It can make a big difference to your success in the long run. Tagging you in our pictures helps us to spread the word of our business. You share them, it is even more let alone repetitive marketing for us by you to all your friends. Then people say I love Sue’s wedding images. I want to call them to do my wedding! Obviously, it is a potential way for us to get more business.

The second reason, the lesser known and the REAL most important reason we ask you to tag our business page and indicate the copyright is owned by Red Bridge; if you have some time while reading this blog post, head over to a blog called Photo Stealers. This is a blog that I check once every few weeks for multiple reasons. I want to make sure my work isn’t popping up here. I also want to see what is frequently being stolen and by who. Sometimes I am very shocked at what is being stolen and by whom. Sometimes it is very well-known photographers to us in the industry. Once thought as trail blazers, they are now known for taking the easy way out and plagiarizing themselves through their business. Sometimes, they don’t even steal photos – they just steal words. Advice on how they have been successful at business, how to take a certain type of photo, how to build their business – they take it from someone else and claim it as their own. In the end, they are outed and they are removed as speakers at well known national and international photo conventions.

So, the mention of our company is part and parcel to prevent your/our images from being used in ways that are inappropriate or ways that we did not authorize. Now, we know it is extremely easy to right-click, save and copy-paste but what we can do if this happens to happen to us – is trace the image. We will be able to see the original source of the image and follow the internet trail of the images. AND if they are ever stolen, they have no question that the image is in fact a copyrighted work and they should know that no, you can’t just claim it as your own – Red Bridge owns this image.

We have been debating over the past few months as to in addition to delivering your files to you on your USB that you can print, we also deliver to you another file of all of the images that have been optimized for the internet (they are actually smaller and will upload faster to your Facebook and Instagram galleries) and the images in that folder will have our watermark on it. We haven’t come to an official decision yet but we are leaning towards proving this to our clients to further protect the images from being stolen. We would love to hear your thoughts though. It wouldn’t cost any more than the session with the USB already does and the space it takes up on the USB will be much smaller so any concerns with those two issues should be small.

In this world of social media, digital images and the internet we are trying to protect you, your images and our work. Hopefully, that makes sense. So continue to post our name with photos as you post them to your social media pages and we will continue to post ours with watermarks and tagging you to protect us all.

Let us know if you have any questions!



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