Whoa, Momma: Ms. Y’s Boudoir Session

Last week we posted a few updates, and casually mentioned that we might kinda sorta be doing some “special” Valentine’s Day photos.  I have to be honest, I was really nervous about these, and I think Rebecca was too – we worked the shoot together so we could do styling, try to help the model into her best poses, etc.  Having never done anything quite like this (naked babies don’t really count, do they?), we weren’t sure this would be something we enjoyed.


Our model, Ms. Y, was ready to rock.  She was funny, she was bold, and she was workin’ her momma body – as she should have been, because her seven-month-post-partum belly was flatter than mine is (and my youngest is three YEARS old.  Annnd… blush with shame).  Y’s husband is a major sports fan, and she wanted to use some of his favorite jerseys in the shoot, as well as some work apparel so he’d know these were special shots just for him…

Because she is awesome, Y agreed to share her shots on this website.  While she didn’t go totally nude, and in fact shows little beyond what you’d see if she wore a bikini, obviously the photos are adult in nature, and probably shouldn’t be viewed with kids around.  Also, if you know her full name, please do not post it in a comment – any identifying comments will not be approved.  Thank you!

And hey, watch for Rebecca’s cameo in one shot.  🙂

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